We uploaded the results for the European Nursery Championship 2017 on Facebook:


The winners of the ENC 2017 are:

1. Kevin Evans - Preseli Ci WALES

2. Jaran Knive - Siri NORWAY

3. Kevin Evans - Ace WALES


We had a great time this year and hope to see you all next year. 


6th European Nursery Championship 2017

This year we organised the 6th European Nursery Championship 2017 on our beautiful farm in Heteren. This year the trial was held on 10, 11, 12 March. The trial is for young dogs under the age of 3 years (at 1.1.2017). The trial was sponsored by Llanfarian Border Collies, Royal Canin and Bilderberg Hotel de Buunderkamp. 

The trial had two qualification runs (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and a final on Sunday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and a lot of people came together to watch handlers from 15 different European countries.





Jenny & Serge 4th place in the Final!!!!

Piombino, Italy, 27th September 2015




Serge and Gary fantastic 2nd place Final

Pre-Continental 2015!! 

Jenny 5th place Final!

 Thanks a lot Jan Passchier for this great picture of Gary in the Final with 20 sheep.


Winners European Nursery Championship 2015

From 27 to 29 March LLanfarian Border Collies organised the fourth time the European Nursery Championship, for young dogs under the age of three years. We welcomed 200 dogs and their handlers during the championship and they  represented 15 countries. These years winners:

1 Kevin Evans (Wales) and Glen

2 Johnny Cremin (Ireland) and Sally

3 Arne Sand (Noorwegen) and Caddy


       Serge winner Dutch National 2014 with Jenny and National Nursery Champion 2014 with youngster Bill!